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Meet the artist Alisa Centehua Cruz
The Journey of an artist entrepreneur
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    • Seattle Arts & Culture Hope Corps Grant Award $60k

    • Honorable Mention for Big City Kid Jon Juan via Seattle  Artist League

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    • Zero Hero Refill Station - Capital Hill

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Despite dabbling in various art forms, my heart beats strongest for traditional paintings. They possess an unmistakable quality that allows the artist's soul to shine through to the viewer. Yet, it's funny how the abstract can sometimes speak even more clearly.

Perhaps it's because abstract art can be interpreted in so many ways, allowing the viewer to find their meaning within the piece. There's a certain freedom in not being confined by the rules of representation, and instead being able to express oneself through color, shape, and texture.

That being said, traditional paintings hold a specific place in my heart for their ability to capture a moment in time or a specific emotion with such precision and detail. They allow us to enter the artist's world and experience something beyond our reality. 

In the end, whether it's traditional or abstract, art has the power to move us and connect us to something greater than ourselves. It's a reminder of the beauty that exists in the world and the endless possibilities of human expression.

Collector Exclusivity
Arte De Cruz's artist, Alisa Cruz, has decided to sell limited runs of prints, posters, canvases, and other products featuring her artwork designs. By doing so, she provides her collectors with a sense of exclusivity and investment in unique artistic creations. The Arte de Cruz gallery here displays the total number of items made for each artwork alongside the option to purchase the original piece with a certificate of authenticity.
Alisa Cruz's decision to sell limited runs of prints, posters, canvases, and other products featuring each artwork design is a great way to make her art accessible to a wider audience. This not only allows her fans to own a piece of her artwork but also helps to create a sense of community among art lovers. By providing the total number of items made for each artwork, she adds an element of transparency to the process, which helps to establish trust with her buyers. Additionally, the option to purchase the original piece with a certificate of authenticity adds value to her artwork and ensures that her buyers are investing in a one-of-a-kind creation. Overall, the Arte de Cruz gallery's approach to selling art is both innovative and inclusive, making it a great place to discover unique and beautiful artwork. 
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Circa 2023

 my heart remembers

No Prints Currently Available - Original Available with Certificate
  • dimensions - 36' x 48'

  • medium - multi medium

Fauxumentary - the artwork that inspired the film.
  • original available

  • All Originals come with a Certificate of Authenticity 

  • original available

  • 100 bar coasters

  • Original Available

  • 6-Packs of napkins

Gato, el gattita, Cat, meow, abstract, leg up, blue catFlowers, flowers in tote, pink and black, bent petal420, ganja babes, love, les be high,

Love - Love - Love

Life as an Endless Canvas: A Journey Through Art, Kindness, and Acceptance

My creativity is passionate, raw, & emotional, bringing up some type of feeling in others. I use multi mediums in my artwork, from spray paint, drip mops, acrylic, gouache, metallic glitter & foils. I help heal my fellow humans through health science, plant-based remedies, research, ceremonies, art, music & shared human experiences. Creating from my heart, soul, and healing energy, I pass this to my collectors.

Life is an endless canvas of boundless wonder that never ceases to amaze me. From the birth of new creations to the destruction of old ones, every moment is full of promise. And still, my heart yearns for more - to leave a lasting impression upon the tapestry of time. My aspiration is to awaken dormant souls, to light a fire within them and spark their passions. We can only hope to connect with others as deeply as we have connected with ourselves, and the same applies to acceptance. We are all reflections of one another, all seeking the path to our true home. Let us walk this path with kindness, love, and acceptance. For me, these are the colors that fill my artistic palette.

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