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Washington State Social Purpose Corporation

Thought leadership & Righteous Rage classes are designed to express commUNITY issues with a lens of civic duty,  humanitarian responsibility, and intersectional-based understanding while contributing to the advancement of justice at the local and art levels. Creativity flows in resolution-based intersectional imagery and innovation, bringing forth abundant acceptance and love in public art. Righteous rage can be displayed in public artwork and protest signs, conveying a visual message to help connect the community to issues that can be difficult to navigate due to the social politics in today's society. 


 a documentary of where we are and where we need to be in America

The key is knowing yourself

Artist & Founder


First-generation Chicana & 5th-generational Soul Weaving Curandera

Alisa is a multi-talented artist and activist based in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. A muralist, music producer, film director, screenplay writer, seamstress of upcycled fashion, and a health tech practitioner in the field of integrative health. Alisa is also an educator who teaches righteous rage and thought leadership in public art.

Her innovative approach to entrepreneurship in art creates exclusive and limited artwork for her collectors. With Arte De Cruz, Alisa's creative work not only captivates you but also soothes your soul. Join her on a journey to embrace the future of passionate work.


    I draw my creativity from my human experiences, including my passions, raw emotions, and traumas. Through my art, I aim to provoke thought and evoke feelings in others. I possess natural leadership qualities, as well as a penchant for entrepreneurship, healing, and spirituality. While I am more spiritual than religious, my inner peace is of utmost importance to me, and I have transitioned from being a socialite to valuing one-on-one interactions. Music has a profound impact on me, and a good movie can stir up a range of emotions. I cherish being loved and loving others, but I understand that love does not govern my reality. My beliefs and morals hold a strong foundation in my life. As we are all energy beings, we are inherently connected.

  • CommUNITY

    The mission is to achieve excellence in every project that bears the Arte De Cruz signature, offering a high-quality-to-price ratio, high-impact, and functional artwork for our community and clients. With each project, Alisa works on a one-to-one basis with clients, ensuring that their artwork needs are fulfilled.  There is NO customer service or sales representatives; it's just the client and Alisa. 

    Passion for making a positive impact by offering - Free day events - to aid in artists developing their skills and discipline, plus exploring career opportunities - Workshops -  for mural painting, and artist portfolio development - Panelist Hosting for social justice, righteous rage, and thought leadership discussions, and making protest signs in a safe and truly inclusive environment.

    Various mediums are used such as spray paint, drip mops, acrylic, gouache, metallic glitter, and foils for artwork on canvas.  Murals will also utilize outdoor paint from Benjamin Moore.  Statues, and outdoor artworks for aesthetic and interactive purposes, are sometimes in collaboration with fellow Seattle artists and commUNITY Art Calls

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presents in SODO

4th & Spokane a Mural 170' x 30'  honoring the Duwamish Tribe

They are still here and have a rich history. Click the link below to see more. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the mural is *in progress and will be completed in Spring 2024

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